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10 Tips For Instagram Selfies

Nearly every day, I post so many images on my Instagram account, if you are one of my followers, chances are that you have seem the tips in this post come to life in my images. However, to get a really good outfit pic, it is not necessary to have a photo and a glam squad — for example, when I go on all of those trips with my mom, she turns into my photographer. Here are nine tips to help you nail an amazing shot of your daily outfit.


  1. It’s All About Location

Where I like to shoot all of the pics of my outfits is in front of a plain wall. This means that the focus will be on my outfit, it also makes for a cohesive deed with a lot of tones and colours to match. Although it may seem as if it is a lot of effort, it really isn’t. Just pay attention; there may even be one that you can get to walking from your job, home or school.

  1. Lighting

Even if every minute detail of your pic has been planned, lighting determines if you make or break the shot. When it comes to #OOTD´s and selfies, natural lighting works best. I prefer positioning the light right in front of me and do my best to avoid a lot of shadows being cast on my face.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

It can be hard to nail the perfect pose. I like to take some time for practice, I do this in front of a mirror, this way I know what poses and what outfits complement each other. The poses that make you feel and look your very best are the ones you should try to remember. Memorize you most flattering angles and best sides and use them.

  1. Have Someone to Help You

Even though I do work with photographers, a lot of people are surprised when they find out that my dad, mom or a friend have taken a lot of my pics. What I like doing is first taking a picture of whoever is shooting me, I am able to line up the shot precisely as I want it to look. I then show them the picture I shot, and we trade places, this allows them to be able to easily recreate the shot. In airport shots like this one, this comes in very handy because many times I fly on my own; therefore I have to rely on strangers or umber drivers to take the shot for me.

  1. Set to Square

If you are planning on directly up loading your #OOTD on Instagram, make sure you use the square option on your phone. This way you can guarantee that all of the details are in your final shot.

  1. Keep Things Casual

At the moment this may seem silly, however you can get a great pic with a fake laugh. IF you are unsure, pretend to take a few steps or go for a hair flip. Believe you me; anything will work better than an unnatural pose or a fake smile.

  1. Try Various Angles

Is it not really working when you take a straight on pic? Then try angling it a bit from below or a bit from above. A different perspective can make quite a huge difference.

  1. Try Sitting Down

Is there a rule sitting that all pics must be taken standing up? Not at all, so from time to time, try a seated picture. This is a pose I personally love as they make my legs look longer.

  1. Take a Lot of Pictures

As you keep making slight, small movements, have the person snapping the pics keep snapping. This will provide you with a wide array of pictures and poses from which you can choose.

  1. Instagram

When you get the post you want then get it live on Instagram for all to see. This will encourage Instagram followers to like your post and get your selfie out there in front of an audience.

These tips will help ensure your selfie looks great and you are making the most of your images.