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5 Reasons To Start Your Christmas Shopping In September

We all know someone who starts their Christmas shopping in January and, although this is admirable, it can be excessive and comes along with its own problems such as returns policies.

However, there is definitely something to be said for starting your Christmas shopping early and we believe that September is the perfect time to start thinking about which gifts you’re going to get for which family members and friends.

opping early and we believe that September is the perfect time to start thinking about which gifts you’re going to get for which family members and friends.

If you’re not convinced that the best time to start Christmas shopping, keep reading to find out why.

You’ll be able to find the ideal gifts

Finding the perfect gift can be a real challenge, especially when children are involved as their hobbies and interests change so quickly.

Because of this, starting you Christmas shopping in September is early enough to take the pressure off but not too early that you’ll have to take everything back once the ever changing trends and fashions alter again.

We spoke to dolls pram retailers, Play Like Mum, who said: “Children are often the hardest people in the family to buy for, so September is the ideal time to start looking. Ask them about their interests and your purchases should still be relevant come Christmas.”

You can space out your spending

It goes without saying that Christmas shopping can be expensive, so starting sooner rather than later allows you to space out your spending, avoiding that excruciating whack of money lost during one paycheck.

You’ll have time to draw up a budget

The beauty of embarking on your Christmas shopping in September is that it allows you plenty of time to create a budget.

This ensures that you know exactly how much you’re going to spend on each person and will make the buying process more efficient and a lot less stressful.

If you’re unsure about how to start a budget, take a look at this really useful post for some pointers.

You’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones

The Christmas period is a notoriously hectic time for most of us, filled with parties, events, dinners, and time spent with those we love.

However, getting caught up in the things we feel we have to do, such as decorating the house, buying gifts, and putting on a great spread can all easily detract us away from what we really want to be doing.

Starting your Christmas shopping as early as September will allow you plenty of time to be finished before the festivities kick off, so you’ll have that weight off your shoulders in time to celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

You’ll take some of the stress out of the Christmas period

If you start your Christmas shopping early, you’re guaranteed to take off a fair chunk of the pressure which comes along with the season.

You’ll be able to relax and take the holiday for what it is: an opportunity to spend time with those close to you.

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