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5 Thoughtful Gifts That Can Help New Parents Save Money

If you’re thinking of giving new parents a gift, make sure it’s one they can use. Read here for 5 thoughtful gifts that can help new parents save money.

A good friend or relative just had a baby.

You want to help them celebrate but you’re unsure of what to give them as a gift.

You want to make the gift memorable and something they can actually use.

But babies grow fast. And they’re expensive.

So what can you do? Here are 5 thoughtful gifts you can give that can help new parents save money.

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1. Diapers

Think this is a silly gift? Think again.

Most babies will go through 3650 to 4380 diapers in one year.

And how many new parents end up so busy that they end up running out of diapers at the worst possible moment?

So stocking up on diapers for them would be a great time saving, budget saving, sanity saving gift.

In fact, you can even buy larger sizes in advance for when the baby grows.

You can also purchase:

  • Baby wipes
  • Baby creams

Just ask if they have a particular brand they prefer before making the purchase.

2. Clothing

Baby clothes are so cute! And surprisingly expensive.

And babies also grow up and out of their clothing fast. Or they throw up, spit up, or somehow ruin their clothing quickly.

So clothing is a great gift idea. To save yourself some money, try these ideas:

  • Yard sales: Any parent will tell you there are often outfits that never got worn and you can find them at yard sales for cheap.
  • Craiglist or eBay: You’ll be able to find great deals online for both new and used clothing.
  • Consignment Shops: Whether you shop online or head to your local consignment shops, there are great deals to be found.

The best news? The parents can actually make money using these same methods once they’re done with any gently or never worn clothing.

3. Gift Certificates & Cards

Quite possibly the best and easiest gift idea for people short on time or ideas.

There are even gift certificate templates you can use to personalize your gift certificate for the occasion.

Great gift certificate ideas you can offer to new parents are:

  • Babysitting Services
  • Housecleaning
  • Yard Cleaning
  • Grocery Shopping

Some great gift cards you can give can be from:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Amazon.com
  • BabiesRUs

4. Pre-Cooked Meals

When you’re exhausted you can’t think. Or cook. And then things start feeling overwhelming.

It’s a slippery slope. Parents are tired, overwhelmed, and just trying to figure out a routine. So sometimes food is the last thing they’re thinking about.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Cook a meal: Whip up a few meals yourself that can be easily frozen and bring them over in containers you won’t miss.
  • Meal delivery service: Who wouldn’t want gourmet meals freshly made and delivered to their doorstep? These services cater to every type of diet, so look around at what delivers locally.
  • Restaurant delivery: Contact their favorite restaurant and get them a gift certificate so they can order meals whenever they need to.

5. Financial Security

Forget the present, the future will be expensive. Especially if that baby plans on going to college.

Here are a few ideas that will ensure that baby can enjoy a bright future:

  • CD’s: Always a safe option but has low-interest rates
  • Bonds: While falling out of favor, these were always popular in the past as gifts
  • Contribute or Open a 529 Savings Plan: This option leaves you with a lot more control in case Baby Jr. decides to become a bum rather than a scientist!