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Addressing Pokemon Go’s Safety Issues

The chances are that we might never witness the first few weeks of Pokemon Go madness again. Across several locations around the globe, people were seen walking down the streets staring at their phones as if that was the only thing left in the world to do. It felt like someone just flipped a coin and magically transformed otherwise sensible individuals into mindless zombies. It was just insane. The initial craze may have faded considerably. But, Pokemon Go is still a hot favorite game for millions of people out there.

After all, it’s the only mobile app in the gaming history that gave game lovers their first taste of futuristic augmented-reality based technology. As such, the app needs to know a user’s location through the phone’s GPS and also requires access to the camera. This raised security concerns, followed by a turbulent path filled with controversies and security risks. Lots of allegations and concerns were raised since the game’s inception. If you are a Pokemon Go fan worried about the safety issues associated with the game, you need to keep reading.


Download from Official Source

Pokemon Go app is officially available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, make sure to get the app from the official source itself. Do not go to any torrent site to get the app. It’s best advised to type the URL by hand as opposed to clicking on any third party link to be sure that you have a genuine app installed on your phone. Exercising some caution can be of great help over here to address some basic security concern regarding signup issues.

Be Suspicious of Scams

Anyone offering a desktop version of the game is certainly trying to mess with you. Likewise, any app claiming to be a Mac or Windows version of the game is following the same path of scamming you. Remember, the entire premise of the game is to get users leave their house and venture out into the real world to capture Pokemon characters. A desktop or Mac version of the game would ruin the whole purpose of the game. Therefore, it makes sense to steer away from sources that are trying to fool you around with features that don’t exist at all.  Some people also Buy Pokemon Go accounts that are already stacked with Pokemon from unreliable sources and end up losing more money in the process.

Corporate Security Concerns

Many companies are worried about the app being used on their premises. Conscious or not, the chances are that some players could end up hunting for Pokemon in areas where sensitive data is visible. The transmission of confidential information via the app could put the company at risk. Therefore, the Pokemon lifestyle may not be healthy in all the corporate settings out there, where there is a risk of data leak. Although such events are rare, accidental disclosures are not completely unheard about. Moreover, it’s advisable not to sign up for the app with a business account. When we sign up, we agree to certain terms and conditions of the app, which could conflict with our company’s non-disclosure agreements.

Physical Security Concerns

Playing Pokemon Go does not give anyone a valid excuse for trespassing on someone’s property. Believe it or not, one of the bothered individual decided to sue the gaming company for the same. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to get forgetful of your steps. So, remind yourself to pay attention to your surroundings because a part of the game involves dealing with the real world. Also, play in groups so that you do not end up alone in an isolated, dark place.

Buy Pokemon Go accounts a risk?

As long as you are buying from a reliable source, you are good to go. If you buy Pokemon Go accounts, you won’t have to devote time and efforts to catch new Pokemon. Basically, you will get direct access to the gym battles right from the word go. To buy Pokemon Go accounts with highest security and immediate delivery, you can head over to www.flameaccounts.com.