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Build Me Up, Buttercup: Fun Collectible Hobbies

Having a collection is something most people do at some point in their lives. Children often collect rocks or leaves. Some people move on to building a proper collection of something they like, from bookmarks to coins. However, a lot of collectable items aren’t good for much. The most you can do is organise them and look at them, which is the appeal for most people. Selling and trading items can be fun too. But if you prefer your hobbies to be useful, there are also collections you can get more fun from. Your items might not hold any value, but they will bring you lots of pleasure. Try these hobbies that are sure to lead to building a collection.

Dolls Houses

Dolls houses aren’t just for children. People of all ages enjoy playing with them and collecting them. It’s not just the houses themselves that are collectable, but all the accessories too. You can fill a dolls house with furniture, model people, and other fun items. You could even make your own things to go inside the house. Some people decorate their houses, or even use miniature kitchen tools to make tiny meals. You won’t run out of things to add to your collection anytime soon. Of course, there’s also the option to keep things in boxes and build their value. But where’s the fun in that?


Millions of women (and some men) put makeup on every day. They often have a small “collection” of makeup, but it’s probably not anything organised. However, if you’re a completist, you might turn your love for makeup into a proper collection. That could mean anything from buying the latest products, to seeking out older ones. Of course, if you use your makeup, it will eventually be gone. But you will still have the containers, which you might keep as part of your collection. Collecting makeup is fun and gives you lots of options to try out new looks.


Reading is a pastime that many people enjoy, but some like it more than others. Books have made excellent collectors’ items for a long time. Collectors can take different approaches when they decide to start collecting books. If you want to collect books from authors you love, you might buy any edition you can find and read it as much as you want. However, you might also look for early editions of a book. Whether you choose to read it or to protect it depends on whether you want it to remain valuable.


Most people have a collection of music without really thinking about it. But the usual thing today is to have digital music. However, vinyl has remained popular with many people. Those who enjoy collecting records can find many surprising items. You only need to search through charity shops. It’s a great way to collect physical items but also have something you can enjoy.