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Why Compromise a Necessity in a Happy Marriage


Why compromise

We make all kind of compromises in everyday lives. Compromise is a basic edict that binds us all together in a harmony. Our lives would be in utter chaos if we do not compromise. What will happen if we play a loud music in the middle of a night because we love music, we get angry shouts from our neighbors, and someone may even call police about the loud music! We will not play loud music in the night not because we cannot, but because we care for others and their well-being. The basic tenet of compromise is that we care for others and that makes us to compromise in almost every place.

Compromises in a marriage

Compromise is much more important in a marriage. Both spouses should compromise and leave aside their individual differences and strike a common balance between them. However, by amicably meeting basic human needs such as shelter, food, and love, spouses can live a happy marriage.

Bringing different personalities together

When two completely different individuals comes together in a relationship it is more than marriage of two body and souls, it is, indeed, mingling of two cultures. Each individual would have different family background, belief systems, needs, education levels, and ethical standards to name a few. There is a possibility of less commonality than differences between two spouses. Moreover, living together, spouses have to make compromise an unquestioned principle in every step and stage of life. Moreover, it is not wrong in saying the marriage is full of compromises.

Open communication is must

Nevertheless, one may agree to disagree. Arguments and debates are healthy in a marriage. Both must have an open talk about the differences between them and should necessarily find ways to satisfy differences between spouses. Further, a happy marriage is a win-win situation. In contrast, a win-lose marriage would not sustain for long. In other words, both spouses must respect and recognize individual sacrifices and compromises and ready to be vulnerable. Being stubborn in a relationship ultimately leads to a dysfunctional marriage.

To have harmony in a marriage, both spouses must try to change their mindset to create a synergy between their minds. Both must learn to compromise. A marriage is an amalgamation of two souls into one. Happy couples are more successful in general, and raise healthy and responsible children.

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