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How To Have The Conversation With Your Child About Pot

With the legalization of marijuana in a number of states and relaxed laws regarding it in others, the conversations you are having with your children about pot are probably changing too. No longer is it being demonized or considered to be on the same level as heroin, but you might still have concerns about your kid smoking weed while they are still growing and developing. Sit down and have the conversation with your children about cannabis whether or not they are using it. If you are unsure where to begin when it comes to talking to them about their cannabis use, we have put together a few talking points to get started.


Before we begin, here are some terms you need to know, see marijuana terms, and make sure to brush up, before you continue reading.

Marijuana Is Not to Be Taken Lightly

Children need to know that marijuana is still a drug, much like alcohol or nicotine or any other drug on the market and should be handled responsibly and treated with respect. It still has the potential, like the aforementioned drugs, to cause harm, mentally, physically, and financially, and therefore should not be abused.

Remember That Pot Is Not the Worst They Could Be Doing

Marijuana causes exactly zero deaths per year, while in the same period alcohol causes 88,000 deaths, cigarettes cause 480,000 deaths and prescription medication abuse causes around 22,000 deaths per year. Keep this in mind when your child comes to you about smoking weed, or you have found out that they smoke, it isn’t the end of the world, and it could be much worse; therefore, we suggest that you treat it as such. For a more indepth data facts sheet onalcohol use andhealth, click here.

Distinguish between Responsible Use and Becoming a Pothead

The difference is crucial, much like the use and abuse of alcohol. You can enjoy both responsibly without becoming dependent so that your life revolves around it. Explain that one can use it to relax, even daily, while still being a productive member of society, but not to let it take over their lives. Let them know that this is an adult pastime much like drinking; if they partake too young, it could have adverse side effects on their development, so they need to be responsible about it.

Don’t Pretend as If You Have Never Smoked

If they have to find out that you have smoked or do smoke from someone else, say, in the family, your argument will lose credibility. Be honest, just like you expect honesty from your child.

Be Honest about the Risks

While it is safer than drinking or smoking cigarettes, that does not make it completely safe. Outside of lowering inhibitions and interfering with cognitive growth, there are concerns about the amount of tar in marijuana which can cause cancer, even if they are using a vape pen. To read more about what a vape pen is, follow this link: http://www.vaporplants.com/what-is-a-vape-pen

When you consider these points, you can have a responsible conversation with your child without all of the propaganda of past years. Help your child grow up responsibly during this time in their lives when they will be faced with many difficult choices–one of them being to smoke or use a vaporizer for marijuana. For more information on how to tell if your teen is smoking weed, visit VaporPlants.

Reference: drugfree.org