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Six Wedding Favors that are Kid-Friendly

Keeping the kids entertained and full of wedding fun can be a challenge. While we hope the endless music, dancing, food and cake will keep them energized and full of life–kids get bored, fussy and difficult to deal with. Below are some great things to pack your kid’s table with in order to keep them a little more preoccupied to give the adults some fun time, too!


The ‘go to’ of all kids favors: bubbles. Why not? Even adults will have a blast playing with them, and the cool creative ways to make your own bubble favors these days will have you and your bridal party having a blast.

Kids Wedding Favor Box

One of the coolest ideas for kids is a favor box. Stuff it with crayons, free printable coloring sheets you print yourself at your home office, sweet treats, mini games and stickers. If you’re at the beach, fill beach buckets with a cold drink, shovel, and beach ball for endless fun.

Paper Books with Crayons and Candy

Create sweet little coloring books. Tie them together with ribbon or twill. Stack a box or bunch of crayons on top with a sweet sucker or wedding themed M&Ms, and place it at their place setting.

Gumball Machines

Order mini-gumball machines online and fill them full of gumballs, and place a tag with each kids name on them. These can also go with a vintage game of pass the parcel for loads of fun.

Light Up the Night

One of the cheapest and most universally loved ideas is to hand out anything that contains LED lights because kids absolutely adore them. Otherwise, you can hand out some 36 inch sparklers at your wedding reception for the older children or glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces for an evening event. 36 inch long sparklers are the best for kids to use at your wedding because they are much safer and easier to control. Just make sure you bring extras because the adults will want to join in the fun too since wedding sparklers are popular with people of all ages.

“Kids Only” Tent

Giving the kids their own little play area away from the adults can be super-fun and make them feel exclusive. Include props and fancy dress hats for a little extra play time fun – or a kid’s only photo booth! If there is electricity on site, you could bring along a television and DVD player to put in a variety of movies to keep the kids occupied. It may seem a little strange to plant kids in front of a TV during a wedding, but it will keep them out of trouble and prevent them from being involved in the more “adult” portions of the event.

Deciding what to offer the kids at your wedding is all part of the fun; especially since you can think like a kid yourself while choosing your favors! In my experience, all you need to do is put your “thinking cap” on and return to the days when you were young in your mind to dream up the best kid-friendly wedding favors ever.