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Three Reasons a Teepee Makes the Perfect Kids Birthday Present

If your little one has an upcoming birthday, you are probably wondering what gifts to give this year. Young children and toddlers can be tricky to buy for, because you want to make sure that whatever you give them will be something they will really appreciate and enjoy using.

We think the timeless teepee makes the ideal present, and here are three reasons why!


A private space

A teepee provides your child with their own space, where they know adults are unlikely to follow unless invited. It’s a space just for them and their imaginations to enjoy.

Children need their privacy just as much as adults. This article from Mental Help explains how important privacy is for a little one’s development. It explains how, as children learn to distinguish themselves as individuals, it is important to make sure they have private spaces under their own control.

A teepee is a great solution to show them that you respect their space, and it will also go a long way to helping them learn to respect your privacy too. While they may not quite understand why, they will take in the concept and you will both benefit.

Save yourself time

While building a den with your little one can be a wonderful activity to enjoy together, it can also be quite time consuming, especially if you do this regularly. Not to mention the fact that you tend to end up using up every blanket and cushion in the house, as well as numerous pieces of furniture which are then out of action.

A teepee solves all of these problems, as it is a private hideaway for your children to play in, but one which you can very easily assemble or store it away. The great teepees from Just For Tiny People come in many different fab designs, are completely safe for children and toddlers, and can even be taken outside or to the beach (weather permitting).

Buying a teepee is so much easier than making one yourself, especially if you are not particularly crafty but still want your children to know the joys of having their own private little den.

Encourage imagination play

Young children need to be allowed to use their imaginations and a teepee is the perfect setting for them to build a magical kingdom, battle pirates, fly into space.

Whether alone, or with friends, your little one is bound to find a thousand uses for the space, with many new and exciting games being played.

It is also a great place for you to spend time together sometimes, and many parents and children enjoy hiding away together to read a story. Of course, as their teepee is their private space, you should make sure you ask their permission to join them, and only enter if invited.

So if you’re struggling to decide what the perfect gift would be for the next upcoming birthday, we hope we have given you some inspiration!