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Tips on Spotting a Fake Dating Profile

Ah, the joys of using online dating services. While the popularity of the Internet has brought on more choices and easier access to other singles, it has also brought some bad stuff. Namely, the fake dating profile. These are becoming more and more common and it is getting tougher and tougher to spot them. Don’t fall victim to a fake dating profile again after reading our guide on spotting them.

No matter what dating service or app you use there are bound to be fake dating profiles. Most of these companies won’t do anything about them though as they are often connected to a paying customer. That leaves taking action in your hands.

One way to spot fake profiles is to make use of more than one dating service and be familiar with their apps. By seeing and interacting more with other singles across many platforms you can gain a second sense for picking up fake dating profiles.

First, pay attention to the profile picture. This is the most often ripped off piece of a fake profile. Many people wanting to create a fake profile will often use an attractive person for their profile picture – after all, the idea is to get people interested in the fake profile for some reason (often for nefarious reasons). What better way to catch the eye of a single than to have an attractive profile picture?

Easiest way to spot a fake profile is the same profile picture used across many accounts on many services.

Next up is the wording used in the profile itself. This is two-fold. First the details the person fills in. Comparing the height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc details with the profile picture is a more involved way of verifying you are viewing a fake profile. If the details say the person is 5’8” tall, black hair with brown eyes and is white/Caucasian but the profile picture is an African American person then it is probably a fake profile. Most of these fake profiles will not be so easy to spot though.

Some will get the details close to what the profile picture portrays. Hair and eye color may be correct and this may look like a really cool person you want to talk to. That is when we look at the profile information itself. What did this person put in their “About me” section of their profile?

This is where most people get interesting with their profile. Detailing things they like to do, don’t like to do, activities, favorite things like movies, television shows, if they are a cat/dog person and more. This is also where you can spot a lot of mistakes that scream “fake” profile.

First, if this area is pretty much blank then, well, it is probably a fake dating profile and not worth your time.

If they have put the bare minimum information here – usually repeating the eye/hair color, height, etc then it is probably a fake profile and should be ignored.

Some fake account holders will copy and paste part, or more, of someone else’s profile into theirs. Going back to the beginning, if you are well versed in dating services then you will probably catch these types of mistakes. Nothing screams fake profile than seeing the same paragraph in five or more profiles on the same dating service.

While we cannot guarantee you will not find a fake profile after having spent a fair amount of effort interacting with them, we can help you keep it from happening in the first place. Just be safe, read what other singles make available and use your best judgement. Dating should be fun. Go enjoy life.

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