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Top Tips to Market yourself and Get More Followers on Instagram

Using Instagram is a great way to market your account, but you need to know how to get followers.  There are millions of users on Instagram and you need to consider how you can connect with them and get them to follow your account.  There are some tips that you should consider if you want to increase your followers and the influence you have on this social network.

Like Pictures from Other Accounts

When using social media you need to engage with people and liking their pictures is one method to use on Instagram.  When you like an account’s pictures they are more likely to look at your account and like your pictures or follow you.  The reason why this works is based on the law of reciprocity where you have done something for them and they will feel the need to do something for you in return.


Use Popular and Relevant Hashtags

When you use hashtags you enable users to search for your pictures and every post you make should have at least one hashtag.  On Instagram, there are certain hashtags which will have higher search volumes than others.  You need to find these popular hashtags and use them on your posts, but you need to ensure that they are relevant to your account and what you are trying to convey in the post.

Timing Is Essential

Timing your posts is essential and the best time to post is considered 5 to 6 pm when people are leaving work.  The best days to post are Monday’s and Wednesday’s as this is when people appear to engage with content the most.  Timing is important because posts are generally the most active within the first 3 hours after it has been posted.  If your post does not have any engagement within this amount of time then it is likely that it will not have any engagement.

Make the Pictures Personal

Social media is a method that fans use to gain insight into other people’s lives and engage with them.  Pictures that give your followers a peek into your life tend to work the best and you can use videos as well.  Posting a short video on your feed when you are about to do something can work very well in increasing user engagement and the number of views.

Have a Call to Action

To increase engagement on a post you should include a call to action.  This call to action could be placed in the pictures or video itself or as part of the caption and hashtags.  When you have a call to action you are asking your followers to respond which can give you a lot of great feedback about what your followers want or are thinking.  It is important that when you have a call to action that you follow through and respond to people.